Thrive Theme Docs

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    1. Introduction + -

    Hello & welcome to the Theme Documentation for your new Thrive Theme by Reignland Creatives!

    You may be thinking, where do I begin?

    To begin setting up your theme, be sure to check the welcome email and follow the instructions to either get your hosting set up or send over admin credentials for our team to install your theme on your desired hosting. a


    1. It's recommended that you update your site to the latest version of WordPress before we install your theme.
    2. Always make sure you have a backup of your site before installing a new theme! Your hosting most makes daily site back-ups for you.
    3. I recommend that your PHP version be 7.4. But, version 7.0 at the latest. If you're unsure of the version, check your hosting.
    4. If you have installed the "Classic Editor" plugin, you will need to uninstall it to make the theme's pages work. All Reignland Creative themes use the Elementor site builder to build & design the pages.


    Not everything you might be looking for will be in your theme's documentation! Use the search tool on this support site Type in the keywords or phrases and there's bound to be a tutorial for it. 


    No worry, with each theme purchase, you get a free day of questions via Zoom chat or phone call.


    If something isn't working properly or if things don't look quite right, make sure to check out the Troubleshooting docs. If you're still stuck on something and can't find the answers you're looking for, please don't hesitate to submit a Support Ticket via live chat or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    2. How to Edit Pages and Add Your Own Content + -

    The thrive theme uses the Elementor drag and drop editor to build the pages. The videos below will teach you how to edit the blocks and replace the demo content with your own.

    If you're new to WordPress and/or the block editor, I really recommend just playing around with the blocks and pages to familiarize yourself!

    3. How to Delete Demo Blog Posts After Import + -

    If you have an established website with your own blog posts, you might want to delete the demo blog posts after we import your Thrive Theme. Here's how to do this:

    1. From your WordPress dashboard, go to Posts
    2. In the category dropdown, select "sample category" and click the Filter button
    3. Select all of the posts
    4. In the bulk edit dropdown, select "move to trash" and click the Apply button

    4. How to Copy + Paste Anything From One Page to Another + -

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    5. Instagram Feed + -

    1. From your dashboard, head to Instagram Feed in the left sidebar
    2. Under the Configure tab, click the + Connect an Instagram Account button to login + connect your account

    3. After you’ve connected your account, click the Customize tab
    4. You can adjust the settings in the customizer section however you wish. But here are the exact settings that I used for the Bloom theme:


    After connecting your account and adjusting your Instagram feed customizer settings, you should see your Instagram feed displaying in your footer.

    You can also display your feed anywhere on your site using the shortcode:

    Learn more Instagram Feed shortcodes by going to: 
    Instagram Feed > Display Your Feed tab

    6. Colors and Fonts + -


    Body and menu font: Epilogue (Google font)

    Headings font: Fraunces (Google font)

    Script font: Printed Moments - this is a premium font by Peach Creme (affiliate). If you would like to use this font for images, or for personal or commercial use, you will need to purchase the font separately here (affiliate).


    Palette #1 (main): #bdb7a2, #7d8574, #232323, #887c73, #c99976, #caad9a, #f0e9dd, #faf6ef, #ffffff

    7. Canva Templates + -

    I have created these Canva templates for the images in the Thrive theme. You don't need to use these images- feel free to use or create your own, or edit these templates however you wish!

    After you edit these templates, I do recommend downloading them as a transparent PNG file. You will need a Canva Pro account to do this (they have a free trial you can use!)

    If you have already used a Canva Pro trial and can't download files as a transparent PNG, just make sure to add a background that matches the background of where you're placing the image, or else the images will have a white background. You can also export them and use to remove the background instantly.

    Thrive Canva templates:

    Lead Magnet page paper image

    Sales page devices mockup

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